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Signs of spring

spring crocuses

It must be spring. We got outside this past weekend. I mean, we’ve been outside in the last month, just not very much. There’s the standard afternoon post-school runaround and the weekend toodle around the yard, but that’s about it. I keep trying to write here, but there hasn’t been much to say. It’s been […]

Making the time for spring

“Haven’t seen you guys in a while. How have you been?” asked the young woman at the climbing wall who is always so nice to my kids. “Busy,” I answered. “So, so busy.” “Me, too!” she answered. “This winter is just so busy!” We hadn’t been climbing in weeks. We’ve had too much going on. […]

Great Hikes for Kids: Birdsacre

Location: Ellsworth Distance: 1/2 to 2 miles, depending on trails chosen Difficulty: Easy Ages: All ages Tucked away off busy Route 3 in Ellsworth, past the car wash and right before China Hill, is a little slice of fairyland. The Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary, also just known as Birdsacre, is part wildlife rehab, part nature park, and part straight-up magic. […]

How my kids learned to pay attention–and a great new podcast for kids

The kids and I took a long road trip over Memorial Day weekend to Vermont and back. To entertain us along the way, I attempted to find some kid-friendly podcasts to break up the steady diet of television shows, I Spy, and whining. After running through countless poorly-produced story podcasts where the hosts always had mysteriously thick […]

The ways we know it’s spring

We make lists full of possible fun weekend activities and then skip them all in favor of puttering around the yard. Somehow, raking leaves off walking paths while still in your pajamas makes perfect sense. The first butterfly of the season flutters by and we all yell with delight. We ransack our house for seeds and put […]

Let’s go fly a kite

When my daughter was three, she was obsessed with the movie Mary Poppins. Every time she got to pick a movie, she picked Mary Poppins. We saw it twenty to thirty times that winter, easily. It was her very favorite movie. And her very favorite song in her very favorite movie came at the end, when the now-happy family […]