My most popular posts on visiting Acadia with kids

Memorial Day has come and gone and we are into the full summer season now here on Mount Desert Island, so I have to ask: are you headed to Acadia with kids this year?

Based on the crowds in and around Bar Harbor this weekend, you aren’t alone if you are. As schools let out, I am seeing more and more families on the sidewalks and on the trails. It’s heartening to see that, with so many entertainment options available, so many folks are still bringing their kids to enjoy the splendor of our national parks. My favorite moments are when I see kids racing down a trail at full speed while¬†their parents, often clearly out of their element in the woods, follow tentatively behind.

Good on you, non-outdoorsy parents! Way to get outside of your comfort zone!

I know how tough it can be to find activities for kids when you travel–especially in places like parks that don’t have marketing budgets or Chamber of Commerce memberships– so to help out I’ve gathered up the most popular posts I’ve written over the past few years on visiting Acadia with kids. Many of these lead to others that may be help out, so take some time to explore.

Then let me know what you did. I’m always curious.

Without further ado, the third most popular post I’ve ever written…

Five easy hikes in Acadia

Have a toddler with you? Do you have limited time and energy? Does someone in your group have mobility issues? These easy-peasy hikes, tested with the help of my old dog, will take you to some of the most beautiful spots in Acadia without stress, strain, or breaking a sweat.

The second most popular post…

The very best kid-friendly hikes in Acadia

Looking for inspiration for a family hike? This epic list–broken down by age group–will get you sorted out. I’ve also added my suggestions for what hiking approach works best at each age in general. That way, even if you don’t choose one of these, you’ll know what type of hike works best for elementary age kids, or high schoolers.

Beehive in Acadia

And the most popular post on I’ve ever written about visiting Acadia with kids…

The very best campground on Mount Desert Island

I don’t camp here because I live here, so when I was curious about the best campground I polled the campers I knew. The result was nearly unanimous support for a campground with rustic spots, clean bathrooms, and hot dog-eating crabs.

What’s not to love about that?

And one more bonus post…

What do you do on a rainy day in Bar Harbor?

You know. Just in case.

Happy travels!

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